Community Development Disability Organization
Serving Lyon, Chase, Morris and Wabaunsee Counties

Consistent with provisions of the Developmental Disabilities Reform Act, the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services has designated a Community Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO) for every area of the state of Kansas to help coordinate services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities. Hetlinger Developmental Services, Inc. has been named the CDDO for Lyon, Chase, Morris, and Wabaunsee Counties and works with other affiliated organizations to ensure a choice of quality services that are easy to access.

Responsibilities of Hetlinger as CDDO include the following:

• Providing a single point of entry for people seeking services

• Determining eligibility for services

• Maintaining a list of persons waiting to receive services

• Assisting people in accessing needed services

• Providing information and referral services

• Coordinating the relocation of people living in state hospitals who wish to return to their home community

• Working with affiliate agencies to ensure consumer-driver, quality services

Call (620) 342-1087 to apply for services or for more information.